Coding as a hobby

A lot of my free time (not that much at the moment really lol) I’m dedicating to learning to code. I’m doing that because I love many aspects about it: It’s an intellectual challenge I love the vast online community and how lost one can get in it I don’t have to ask anyone for permission It’s knowledge that enables me to be better in my job and educate myself beyond my job of running a Kombucha brewery I regret not having studied something more technical at some point and are now catching up Unfortunately at this point in my life I don’t have a lot of time to code and go deep on complicated, technical subjects.


Focus might be the most important skill to develop if you want to achieve anything in life. For me personally, it seems that focus gets a lot harder as one gets older and has more ressources. I guess it also has to do with the world itself and its increasing complexity. There are countless different ways to choose from in any given moment and situation. But focus is vital.

Owning your content

The usual places to create a simple website or blog are Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr, Wordpress, Webflow and many more. Most of these are targeted towards people who have no interest in learning web development. People who are first and foremost content creators. I think these services are great and have opened up possibilities tremendously. But there is a big downside with most of the hosted services: you don’t own your content or at least you can’t migrate easily.

COVID Denial

Denial is one of the primary defense mechanisms of humans in the face of very stressful situations. To some extent every human ignores some part of reality in order to have a better feeling about life. Personally for me, COVID is a prime example for psychological denial. As we’re entering the third wave of Corona virus in Germany, I’m having a hard time adapting my outlook on what’s to happen in the next few weeks.

People on a diet

“Which foods to eat” has become one of the most discussed topics of our time. For many people being religious about their diet substitutes being religious about a religion. Being on a Keto diet gives one access to a global community of fellow carb-counters as well as a deep hope for things to turn for the better in the future. For every diet, there is a head figure, an authority that has suffered for you so you don’t have to.

The Taste Gap

Every person who does some sort of creative work knows the taste gap intuitively. It’s a concept I’ve thought about again and again in my career and in private life. It goes like this: What gets you into the game (of whatever it is you’re doing) is your taste. You read, watch or listen to something and you’re judging: “This is good, this is bad, this is better, this is worse”.

Vong Sprache her: Der Amazon, die Rewe, ein Google [GERMAN]

Es ist nichts Neues, dass sich Gruppen durch ihre Sprache abgrenzen und zu erkennen geben. Beim Golf und Segeln, im Hip Hop und Jazz, bei Banken und Versicherungen: Überall spricht man einen individuellen Slang, den es gekonnt einzusetzen gilt und durch den Menschen die Zugehörigkeit zu einer Gemeinschaft ausdrücken. Eine besonders zähe Ausprägung eines eigenartigen Sprachgebrauchs lässt sich in der deutschen Konzernwelt beobachten: Das Benutzen von bestimmten und unbestimmten Artikeln vor dem Namen von Wettbewerbern und insgesamt größeren Akteuren am Markt.