Focus image

Focus might be the most important skill to develop if you want to achieve anything in life. For me personally, it seems that focus gets a lot harder as one gets older and has more ressources. I guess it also has to do with the world itself and its increasing complexity.

There are countless different ways to choose from in any given moment and situation. But focus is vital. Without focus you loose your mind. Without focus you can’t reach your goals and destination.

What helps to increase focus?

  • Cultivating a quiet mind (through meditation, walks in nature, spending time with friends and loved ones, …)
  • Choosing a big & important journey
  • Less doing, more planning
  • Saying no 99% of the time while knowing when a big opportunity comes along
  • Choosing to be focussed and not get distracted
  • Seeing things on a timeline and in sequential order — not everything has to happen simultaneously
  • Deciding on what’s enough, what success really means

Focus helps prevent burnout. It takes tremendous amount of focus to create anything meaningful.