COVID Denial

Denial is one of the primary defense mechanisms of humans in the face of very stressful situations. To some extent every human ignores some part of reality in order to have a better feeling about life.

Personally for me, COVID is a prime example for psychological denial. As we’re entering the third wave of Corona virus in Germany, I’m having a hard time adapting my outlook on what’s to happen in the next few weeks. Subconsciously, I was waiting for the weather to get better while cultular life in Berlin is able to open up again: Sitting in parks, having drinks in bars, selling Kombucha like crazy. That was (and to some extent still is) my state of mind.

Tomorrow, government officials are meeting to discuss how hard the new “lockdown” has to be. Truth is that we’re entering a third lockdown and won’t see any big changes from the current status quo for a couple of weeks, maybe months. I’ll do my best in accepting that truth :grimacing: